Rental Application

In order to process your application we need to get some documents from you:

  1. Pay stubs or proof of payment.If you are self employed we need your 1099 showing annual income.If you are W-2 your most recent two pay stubs will suffice. Award letter If you are retired or receive Social Security.
  1. Copy of valid ID or Passport and Social Security Card.
  1. Copy of a power /water/gas bill in your name or any mail.
  1. Application fee $ 20.00 for 1st applicant $ 15.00 for any other applicants over age 18 (NON REFUNDABLE) see attached CC form for the payment.

Click here to download RENTAL APPLICATION »

Application may be faxed to 313-231-8576

Please note that after the approval of your application you WILL NEED TO call to schedule a lease signing date. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LEASE SIGNING DATE cannot be done same day. Please allow 48 hrs after you have been approved TO SIGN YOUR LEASE.


Open Doors Property Management
Ph: 313-231-8576